Friday, 13 May 2011

Summer Film Ideas

Hey all, I have some movie ideas that I hope to make this summer and I'm wondering what your opinions on them are, what you think of them, which you'd like to see most, etc.

My first film idea is a mocumentary style film about the guy from Art Attack. Remember that show? It'd be a comedy about how he has an unhealthy obsession with art.

The second is more of an idea of a topic rather than a film, but I'd like to make a Star Wars Fan Film at some point. Not sure of what exactly. Maybe something with cool lightsaber effects, or stormtroopers. They're popular.

My third idea is the pilot episode of a Dungeons and Dragons web series. Each episode begins with the group sitting around the table playing the game, then after the opening credits it changes to a plot driven epic as if the players are the characters in real life. It'll be like Lord of the Rings ... only not.

And my fourth idea is a sequel to the Sherlock Holmes movie I made three years ago. I've been planning this sequel for two years, and wrote the script last year but didn't get around to filming it. I will be applying my knowledge from studying film at university to improve the style in the sequel.
Here's a link to the first Sherlock Holmes film if you want to give it a watch:
Sherlock Holmes: Episode 4 - A SCITS Hope

Anyway, let me know what you think of these ideas and what ones you'd like to see most. Leave your opinions in the comments box below, on my Youtube Channel, or on Twitter.

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