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The Flash: The Movie How I would do it

If I were to make a Flash movie I’d do it right. As I’ve heard for several years now, a Flash movie has been in development for so long and gone through so many different scripts, directors, cast members, and everything else that it seems it’ll never happen. If I were to take the reins and make this film I’d be dedicated to it and would make the film right.

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First off, the film wouldn’t be dark like the new Batman films. But it wouldn’t be campy either. The film would be a serious tone, it would take itself seriously. There would be dark moments throughout the film, but not enough to be considered a “dark” movie. It would also be full of humour, but not enough to be considered a comedy or too campy.

Have to keep it classic. Steer away
from the New 52 stuff as much
as possible.
The Flash would be Barry Allen. It would be an origin story, detailing how he got his powers and how he handled them when he got them. He would already be dating Iris West at the start of the film, none of this New 52 crap where he and Iris aren’t dating. Also his parents wouldn’t be dead like in the New 52, they’d still be alive, there wouldn’t be any of this dark past stuff that writers like to give their characters. He’d simply get powers and say “Hey! I could totally become a superhero!” Just like in the original.

He’d either come up with the hero identity from picking an issue of the Flash featuring Jay Garrick like the original, or Jay might be a retired superhero already whom Barry was a fan of and don the persona after him. The costume would come out of the ring, like it always has, expanding on contact with air, keeping it classic, once again, none of this New 52 stuff. His suit would also be a Barry Allen suit, not a Wally West suit.

There would be plenty of Easter eggs to the comics in the film. Wally would make a cameo as an adamant Flash fan and Iris’s nephew. There’d be cameos of Central City and Keystone City police officers from throughout the various runs on the Flash (Chyre, Morillo, Patty, Singh, etc.). John Wesley Shipp (Barry from the live action TV series) would make a cameo in the film somewhere. If possible I’d try to get Michael Rosenbaum to make a cameo as well (voice of Wally in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited).

There’d also be allusions to other DC Comic cities, characters, etc. There’d be a mention of Gotham City or Metropolis, probably reference Hal Jordan or Coast City or some other thing connected to Hal (after all, Hal and Barry teamed up a lot in the Silver Age).

I like the idea of Captain Cold being
Barry's biggest rival.
I’d give Barry a good first appearance as the Flash. Show up, rescue the damsel, beat up the bad guys, and return everything to normal. He’d get praise and recognition. The guy he stops would be Leonard Snart.

Following this there would be a montage sequence showing the Flash’s rise in popularity. During this sequence we’d see him doing various acts, not just fighting criminals but doing day to day duties such as helping to paint a house, and getting a cat out of a tree. These types of things to show that he’s a good hearted guy who will help out if needed. During the montage sequence we’d see him defeating some of the Rogues. We’d also see Snart in prison hearing about all this going on and planning revenge.

Snart would eventually break out of jail and don the identity of Captain Cold. He was the first Rogue that Barry fought, and the leader of the Rogues, it’s fitting to have him be the first main villain. Cold would seek out the Flash to get revenge on him for putting him in prison. The climax would be Cold vs. Flash in a life or death scenario with the Flash ultimately coming out on top and Cold being put behind bars once again (no killing villains, this isn’t Batman, besides Cold will be needed for the later films).

The film would be a self-contained film that works alone, but is ready to make sequels if possible. There are plenty of references to the Rogues gallery so we can see a Rogue war in a later film. Barry could end up using the cosmic treadmill to meet Jay Garrick if i were to go the alternate Earth route for Jay. Wally makes an appearance so that there is an opportunity for Kid Flash to show up (if I were to make a trilogy he’d become Kid Flash by the third film, no leaving out the sidekick like they’re doing with Batman, the Flash is all about the family and passing the torch). A Hal Jordan reference would be there so there’s potential for a Brave and the Bold Green Lantern/Flash crossover movie. However, there’s enough left out for the future films to go whatever way they want. We could end up seeing Gorilla Grodd or Eobard Thawne A.K.A. the Reverse Flash.
Remember, The Flash is a family business. Jay and Wally will be there running
alongside Barry eventually.

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  1. This is a pretty tight pitch, Rob. I really like the fact that you want to capture the silver age Flash, lovingly so and yet take this more modern approach. While Wally West is the Flash most outsider fans would connect with, Barry Allen may be the most notable, like Geoff Johns' run on The Flash, your pitch puts Barry in the forefront but does not forget the Flash legacy, making mention of Jay Garrick or even having him as a mentor character.

    I love it, get a Bajillion dollars and work it out with Joel Silver. Bradley Cooper as Barry, fund it.