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Wednesday Review: Constantine

This week’s review is another movie I have never seen, so once again I am unable to provide a synopsis of the film to start the review. This week I’m reviewing Constantine, a film based off a DC/Vertigo Comics series Hellblazer. The film sparked my interest because I recently read a comic book with Constantine as the leading character, so I thought I’d take a look into the character’s story by watching the film (of course, we all know how crudely films are adapted from books, but the film will suit my interest). So anyway here’s the review.
Constantine title card.

Review after the break.

The film starts off with some quote about a “Spear of Destiny”. Never heard of it before. Pretty sure it’ll play a big role in this film though. We’re then taken to Mexico where some dude pulls a dagger wrapped in a Nazi flag out from the nook hidden underground. He then gets hit by a car and runs off without a scratch. So I’m thinking that the dagger gives him super powers of some sort. I’m also thinking that that dagger is actually the spear ... though it is a very short spear if it is.

We next jump to Los Angeles where a woman finds a chick crawling on the ceiling looking all demon-like. This film is starting out quite confusing. I hope things explain themselves soon.

I’m only five minutes in and I already like the different shots that they use in this film. They’ve already used a variety of shots just for Constantine himself. I hope they keep up with this and don’t just stick with the usual Hollywood style look.
An example of a cool looking shot in the film.

The demon sounds like Gollum.

Shia LaBeouf is in this film eh? Fun times.

Wait ... he’s playing Constantine’s cabby buddy? I thought he was British? Wait a minute ... Constantine’s supposed to be British too! This isn’t adding up at all!

You know, going into this film knowing it was about demon hunting and a man’s path to heaven or hell, I should have seen a heavy religious undertone and/or overtone in this film coming ... but I didn’t.

Good thing I’m reading the trivia on IMDB, apparently there’s a scene after the credits. Wouldn’t have known that had I not read it.

Oh man! The guy with the dagger/spear thing is killing every creature he walks near! They just drop dead! This is looking to be a pretty awesome complication arising.

“You're not my slave, Chas, you're my very appreciated apprentice, like Tonto, or Robin, or that skinny fellow with the fat friend.” Hahaha I wonder if he means Sherlock Holmes and Watson?

Constantine fighting off a hoard of demons.
You know, all that talk about Catholicism might make some sense to me if I knew anything about religion. But as it is, I know diddly-squat, so I’m seeing a lot of stuff going over my head in the movie.

Sometimes in the video recording of Isabel she says “Constantine”, sometimes she doesn’t. Creeeeeepyyyyyy.

What the hell is that thing?! Some kind of insect man?!

Apparently it was a demon ... weird demon ... but a demon none the less.
This movie does the following: sells cigarettes via product placement, and shows that smoking cigarettes will kill you.

I love the fact that she has a cat. Cats are the best!

I really hope he doesn’t kill the cat nor do something equally mean.

Hell looks like a very windy place.

You know a movie’s good if you expect to run into demons every time you turn a corner.

Over half way through and still loving the different shots that they use throughout the film. So glad they didn’t follow the usual Hollywood style look.

So this demon named Papa Midnight has an electrical chair that lets people see the past. That’s pretty cool.

The score for this film really helps to set the mood as well.

The thought just crossed my mind. Why is someone as young as Shia LaBeouf driving a cab in LA? Shouldn’t he has a normal job ... like working at McDonald’s or something?

Constantine just exorcised the demon from Angela and it went off without a hitch. We’re at the climax of the film, that CAN NOT be it. If it is, this movie had a major build up for nothing.

I’m pretty on edge about that demon trying to burst out of her stomach. That still can’t be it though. I feel like there’s going to be one more big thing.

Well that ending was amazing as well as slightly enraging. Which is good because it drove an emotion in its audience.
Another view of Hell.
Now I’ve never read any of the Hellblazer comics, so I have nothing to compare this film to. And even if I did, like all previous book-to-film movies I’ve reviewed, I’ll focus solely on the film aspect. The plot of the film was strong and well driven. The characters each had different personality quirks that made them interesting and compelling. The special effects were well done and the score fit the tone of the film. By far the variety of shots used throughout the film made it such an enjoyable film to watch because it differs from what the general audience is used to. I lack any and all knowledge of religion, so I’m not sure where the film stands on a note of religious accuracy. Overall the film was well done, it was a great film that I’d recommend to people if their looking for visual appeal, compelling story, or just a good dark film.

9/10 What? Oh. This is Kramer, Chas Kramer, asshole.

Constantine, Midnight, and Chas.

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