Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bigfoot: The Musical. Another Sneak Peek and Release Date

Here's another sneak peek at Bigfoot: The Musical. I was going to include a song and an embedded player, but I couldn't figure out how to work that, so you'll have to settle with what I've got.

DVD cover.

The DVD cover has just been finished, as you can see we've put a lot of work into this, and you can expect no less in the film itself. The DVD cover displays the three main characters of the film: the protagonist, Bigfoot; the love interest, Amanda; and the antagonist, Humphrey. Also as you can see, the film is packaged in a two-disc format, one disc a DVD of the film, and the second is complete soundtrack from the film!

The film will be uploaded onto Youtube on Sunday, April 17th. The soundtrack will become available to download for free if enough people request it.

Spoilers after the break

Album artwork.

Now it's time to give away part of the plot for those who can't wait for the release. 

Alan-A-Dale tells the viewers about Bigfoot, and who he really is. A kind hearted, gentle creature, who wants no more than to be loved by Amanda. Unfortunately, Amanda's recently passed away mother had one request, for her to marry Humphrey and unite the two families. Now Humphrey doesn't really care for Amanda, he just thinks that they will make beautiful children. He's more concerned about himself than her. So when Bigfoot keeps showing up, he feels that he needs to do something to get rid of him.

Amanda's friend Aurora feels that Bigfoot may not be as beastly as they think he is. She thinks that Bigfoot may actually care for Amanda and urges her to find out the truth. Meanwhile Humphrey has enlisted the help of three Hunters who seek to capture Bigfoot to gain fame and glory.

Bigfoot, unaware of either plan is surprised to discover he is suddenly the object of so much attention. When Aurora discovers the truth about Bigfoot, she tells him to meet Amanda. Once Bigfoot sets out to woo her once again, he is met with a surprise that may make his pursuit of Amanda end there.

AND THAT'S ALL I'M GIVING YOU! I feel I have been over generous with the details I've just given away, so I'll leave out the remaining portion of the film for everyone to wait and see when the movie hits Youtube on Sunday, April 17th.

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