Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bigfoot: The Musical. A sneak peek

Well, as I said the other day, my upcoming project is a musical about Bigfoot. I revealed the logo for the film, but left out any details about the film, so today I'll be giving everyone a sneak peek into the project.

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Bigfoot: The Musical is told by Alan-A-Dale, the minstrel of Robin Hood lore. The story tells of Bigfoot, who is in love with the kind and gentle Amanda, as he tries to show his affections towards her. Unfortunately Humphrey, Amanda's arranged husband-to-be, gets in the way, and does his best to stop Bigfoot from getting close to Amanda.

The story is very similar to the generic Disney movie, where two men fight over the lead female, the protagonist being ugly and outcast, the antagonist being handsome and "perfect". Plus with the musical twist on the film it makes it even more Disney-like.

The film has it's fair share of comedy as well. The three Hunters provide over-the-top ridiculous humour, Humphrey provides antagonistic humour in an "I'm better than you" style.

All the music (with the exception of the song used for the fight sequence) is original music. I wrote the lyrics, and my friend Ken composed the music. For his first foray into musical writing, he did an amazing job, and I hope that others will think so as well.

The film will be online in less than a week. I'll provide another sneak peek into the film a few days before the release ... and provide a release date as well.

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