Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bad News, Bad News, and More Bad News.

A few days ago I had promising news of a new film in the works. Unfortunately that will have to be shelved for an undetermined amount of time.

Unfortunately, my mom broke her hip, so I will be returning home to help around the house until everything gets in order. I have no idea how long I will be away, but as soon as I get back to Windsor I'll jump right back in to getting a team ready for filming. Hopefully I'll be filming in July and we'll see a final product in August.

However, one good thing is that I have decided to move forth on filming with my new Sherlock Holmes film, a sequel to the one I made in high school. Based on the length of the script, we're looking at a 40min film, it'll be my biggest project yet, and I hope it will test my skills as a filmmaker.

I will also do my best to continue writing Wednesday Reviews. Though, I apologise in advance if they neither come on Wednesday's nor every week. I will be busy helping my mom for a few weeks, so my time towards an projects may be limited.

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