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Wednesday Review: Green Lantern

Due to time constraints with my mom’s broken hip and me helping around the house all the time. I don’t really have time to sit down and write up a full review here. So instead I’ll just write down my thoughts (at least what I remember) on the new film Green Lantern. Since it is brand knew I’ll leave out any major spoilers and just comment on generic things about the movie.

Let’s begin by explaining that I’m a big fan of the Green Lantern. The character is one of my favourite superheroes of all time, and Hal Jordan is my favourite Lantern. So I was hoping this film would do the characters and stories justice. But, as with all adaptations, I will do my best to ignore the fact it’s an adaptation and just look at the film as a film itself.

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I enjoyed the opening scene explaining the origins of the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. However I’m curious as to why Tomar-Re of all people was the narrator. There were some key differences between the film events and the comic events, but I understand the need to change things from book to film. Not everything will transition well between the two.

The effects were pretty sweet, they used top of the line graphics for the film. The constructs that the rings made were especially well done. The suit ... well ... let’s just say ... they could have done better. I like the idea of making a suit out of CG, it makes sense. The suit is made from the ring, so make it CG like everything else. But like I said ... they could have done better.

Maybe that's not a scar but just facial markings they added
for the movie? Lame.
I couldn’t help but continually stare at the strangely shaped scar on Sinestro’s face.

I wish that we could’ve seen more of the Corps and Oa and Hal’s training, but the decided to take a different route which in the end brought some justice to their choice.

Carol is the person who says the line that defines the difference between the old motto of what it means to be a lantern, and the new one.

Surprisingly Ryan Reynolds didn’t make Hal too cheesy.

I think the best acting was by Peter Sarsgaard, who played Hector Hammond, the main villain of the story. His evolution throughout the film really made his character believable and interesting.

The overall plot of the film was weak. I felt like Geoff Johns (chief executive at DC Comics and the guy who brought Green Lantern back to a rousing success) had a lot of input in the film. It felt more like the film was just there to set up further films, much like Geoff Johns’ writing. My only hope is that the sequel, when and if it comes, will be an improvement.

Oa is pretty sweet.
I heard that John Stewart, another Green Lantern, was supposed to make a cameo appearance in this film as a possible choice for Abin Sur’s successor, and then he would get a bigger role in the sequel, however I did not see the character. If you saw him let me know.

There were a few nods to other comic book things in the film, both related to Green Lantern and not. I was trying my best to spot any references to other Lantern Corps, but only managed to spot three, four if you think hard and speculate, five simply by name of planet though no direct reference to the corps itself, and six ... well ... those aliens at the start just reminded me of Larfleeze.

I’m really hoping we get more Sinestro in the second film. *cough villain cough*

I’m glad they left out the Green Lantern’s weakness to the colour yellow. It’s an ancient problem that no longer applies.

Jango Fett ... I mean, Abin Sur.
I didn’t see the movie in 3D, but there were scenes that I could tell would look amazing in 3D.

The part where Hal creates two airplane constructs to pull him along reminded me of a podracer from Star Wars. Especially the wide shots.

Right before Hector Hammond is approached by the agents of Checkmate, we see him playing chess on his computer. Though I wasn’t paying attention at the time, as soon as checkmate appeared I said to myself “I bet Hammond just made a checkmate move on chess”

Overall I’d say the film lied along the lines of: decent, alright, good, or mediocre. It was visually appealing, but the plot was too stretched and very weak. Once again, I felt Geoff Johns was heavily involved. It had a lot of comedy, but not enough to say it was a comedy type of film. The action sequences were cool, and what we saw of the other Lanterns and Oa ... well let’s just say I’m hoping for more of them in the sequel. (Not gonna lie I was naming off other Lanterns I saw in the crowd when Hal first arrives.) The acting was okay for the most part, they could have found someone better to play Carol than Blake Lively. It feels like it’s setting up for something bigger, so my hopes are on that for redeeming this one. But as a stand-alone film it was weak, but I still enjoyed it if for nothing but the fact that I’m easily entertained.

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night,
6/10 stars feels just right.
The character has yet to reach its height.
I hope I’ll see Green Lantern’s might!

At least the construct looks neat.

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