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Wednesday Review: A Goofy Movie

So my review this week is a special review. Why you ask? Simple. Because I’ll be reviewing A Goofy Movie, which is my favourite movie of all time. This will also mark the first time I’ve reviewed a cartoon movie, so things will be a little different, especially since it stars the lovable character Goofy Goof (known for pulling off outrageously ridiculous feats). A Goofy Movie came out in 1995 and is a classic love story about a boy who likes a girl and wants to impress her, however his goofy father bumbles along and gets in the way. The film stars the voice talents of Bill Farmer (Goofy), Jason Marsden (Max), Jim Cummings (Pete), Rob Paulsen (P.J.), and others.

Fact: I’ve watched this movie so many times I can quote the entire movie and give you a layout of what’s happening in each shot. Enjoy the review.

Title card for A Goofy Movie

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The opening scene is a dream sequence of Max running through a field of wheat, dressed all in white, running to meet Roxanne, the girl of his dreams, also dressed in white. The colour of white symbolizes their purity. Then the scene changes to a world of horror as Max begins to mutate into a giant monster. Only to be revealed that he is transforming into his father, Goofy, his greatest fear.

"Don't give me that attitude you guys, I'm doing it all
for you!"
The big event of the movie is the Powerline concert that Stacey is throwing at her end-of-the-year party live on Pay-Per-View. I often get confused as to whether Powerline is the Goofy equivalent of Michael Jackson or Prince. It’s one of the two. Maybe there is no right answer and everything I’ve heard is just fan speculation. Either way, he’s a parody of some famous artist.

Why is it that on the outside of the bus there’s a variety of students in the windows, but the inside of the bus is comprised entirely of cheerleaders?

“Don’t give me that attitude you guys I’m doing it all for you.” One of my all time famous quotes I continuously say came right from this movie.

Goofy and Pete at work.
I don’t remember Goofy’s job in Goof Troop, but I do remember Pete sold cars. So why exactly would Pete give up his job selling cars to work in a photo centre at a Wal-Mart like place? I’m pretty sure he would make more money selling cars.

Okay, so Max has never talked to this girl in his life before, but when he does he says “I’ll call you later”. So when exactly did he get her phone number? Furthermore, he later has Goofy drive to her house. How exactly does he know where she lives? Creeper much?

Nun sighting #1.
Nun sighting number one: Goofy’s place of employment.

Okay, so the crowd is cheering on Max after school about his concert in the gym. We see Bobby hanging from a statue cheering him on. Then we’re shown a bird’s eye view of Max running through the crowd to the street. We’re then shown a shot of Max high fiving the people on the bus. Bobby is one of those people. How exactly did Bobby get from the statue to the bus?

I enjoy the fact that when Max lies to Roxanne about going to the Powerline concert, he flinches and makes a sound like “Dueeee”. Fact: When talking to women about certain things I will also act this way (not saying I lie, just saying I flinch and say “Dueee”).

Max and Goofy aren’t wearing their seatbelts. Tisk tisk.
Goofy drives with his feet.
Okay, in one scene Goofy is driving with his feet on the steering wheel. How is that possible?! There’s nothing on the gas pedal to keep it moving!
Nun sighting #2.

Nun sighting number two: Open Road song.

The perfect cast: You gotta be loose, relaxed, with your feet apart. Ten o’clock, two o’clock, quarter to three, tour jete, twist, over, pas de deux, I’m a little teapot, and the windup, and let her fly!
That’s for all you fishermen out there. You’ll catch Bigfoot.

Okay, so Bigfoot just makes growling and snarling noises. Bigfoot is voiced by Frank Welker. Who is Frank Welker you ask? Well let’s look at it this way. Basically any animal from any movie you’ve seen in the last forty or so years is voiced by Frank Welker. The only time I’ve ever seen him voice a human is Fred from Scooby-Doo. I’m under the impression he’s a talking horse.
Ever notice that Bigfoot randomly appears then disappears while dancing in the background?

Another one of my all time quotes: “How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?”

Nun sighting #3.
Nun sighting number three: the diner.

The song played during their travelling montage is pretty cool. I wish it was on the soundtrack I’d like to listen to it more. But alas! It is not! And I have no idea how I could find it either.

Nun sighting number four: monster truck rally.
Nun sighting #4.

HA! I just noticed the basketball guy from Max’s high school is in the stadium with Max and Goofy when they’re watching the baseball game.

I lied.
According to this movie, Lake Destiny is in Idaho. I wonder, is there really a location in Idaho called Lake Destiny? (Looks it up) Nope. But apparently there’s a Lake Destiny in Florida.

Guess the car needs a new emergency break too.

I enjoy the fact that when Max and Goofy are sitting on their car in the car and they’re coming up to the waterfall they begin the paddle against the current and actually move away from the waterfall!

Nun sighting #5.
Goofy didn’t use the perfect cast. That’s why he was unable to save Max.

Nun sighting number five: Powerline concert.

Max tells Goofy to do the perfect cast. Goofy then proceeds to dance. That is NOT the perfect cast at all!

During the Open Road song we see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck going on a vacation. Now at the Powerline concert we only see Mickey in the audience. I guess Donald got fed up with Mickey and left.
What the map says Max, we will follow.

I enjoy the fact that Goofy is still singing “Open Road” at the end of the movie.

This movie is my all time favourite movie ever ... As I stated at the beginning. I love the concept of the movie, I mean, sure it has the stereotypical Disney love story that you know will never happen in real life, but hey, I’m a sucker. Max is a really relatable character, the flaws and complications he has many people have as well. The relationship between Goofy and Max is another thing that is really relatable about the film. Lots of people have problems with their father or their kids, and eventually they need to learn to see things from the other’s point of view to make things work.  I mean yes, there’s no one out there quite like Goofy, but the basic principle is there. The basic structure of the plot is good with little inconsistencies. It’s got classic Disney songs, great animation (you don’t see this kind of animated very often anymore), good voice acting, spectacular on the whole.

Being my favourite movie, I’m inclined to rate this movie a ten. However, I do not want to be biased so I’ll rate it on an objective point of view. 9/10 for A Goofy Movie. (Insert Goofy Holler here.)

Goofy and Max join Powerline on stage for his final number.

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